Every passenger arriving at Fort Wayne International Airport, domestic or international, must go under TSA security screening. This rule applies to everyone traveling domestic or international flights. Security procedures are the same as departures. Passengers are asked to remove their electronic devices: watches, phones, and other gadgets and place them into the check bin. Passengers are obliged to go through a full-body scanner, and their checked-in baggage and electronic devices are scanned too. Passengers are obliged. After this process, passengers have to face to Customs and Border Protection. CBP agents are trying to determine the legal status of the passengers and their reasons to fly.

At the border every passenger is obliged to provide any identification form, it may be ID, passport, driving license, and so on. On the other hand, passengers who are under 18, are not obliged to provide identification. Their passport will be enough.

Fort Wayne International Airport insists thatevery passenger should check their documents,their belongings to be prepared for security. TSA is well known for its strict attitude.


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